Before School Care Program

Before School Care (BSC) hours: 7am am to

Children are signed in each morning on arrival. Breakfast in the mornings is supplied by the service between 7am and 8am and consists of a variety of cereals and toast.

BSC activities consist of children participating in craft, reading, physical activities or playing board games.

BSC is provided in the Bali Room. Children are allowed to leave at 8.15am when there is supervision on the school playground.

After School Care Program

After School Care (ASC) hours: 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Children meet at the flagpole to get their names marked off. Kindergarten children will be collected from their classrooms by a staff member until confident to meet at the flagpole.

ASC is provided in the Bali Room that is situated behind the Learning Resource Centre (Library).

A variety of fruit and snacks, are served at 3.15pm. All are in line with nutritional guidelines.

ASC activities consist of children participating in structured activities including ,yoga ,drama, cooking, craft, sport and music which are organised daily. Unstructured play is also available to all children including activities such as board games, ball games, reading, Lego and spontaneous craft ideas are also catered for where possible.

The service will provide adequate time, quiet space and supervision by staff to enable children to do their homework (upon parental request). If you require your child to complete their homework please place their name on the home work list which is kept at the sign in desk .Whilst we support the children in homework, we do not take responsibility for signing off on work.