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Policy and Procedure Manual

Capturing Kids’ Before and After School Care has an extensive Policy and Procedure manual which reflects the philosophy and goals of our Association. This manual is a large document and can be viewed through contacting the Coordinator . Following are some of particular note:

Details in this manual are correct at the time of printing. Policies and procedures are subject to change.

Service Details

Provider approval (PA) PR-00000593
Service approval (SA) Capturing Kids Minds QSA-730417
Prescribed Conditions The approval is granted subject to the conditions as set out in Section 51 of the Education & Care Services National Law and any conditions prescribed in the Education & Care Services National Regulations.
Director Tracey Ryan
Rating Meeting
Complaints/Feedback Complaints may be addressed to:
Tracey Ryan, Coordinator, 0418 698 690
Responsible person in charge of the E&C service Tracey Ryan Coordinator, 0418 698 690
Educational leader Tracey Ryan Coordinator, 0418 698 690

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